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Status Report #001 – Launch

E14D Status Report

Hey, look – we have  a shiny new website 🙂 Yep, that’s the big achievement from the last 14 days obviously. Izak and I now have our website up and running and people (like you) are actually starting to come in, read our posts… and then leave. Fortunately, many are also coming back and reading some more, which is great… Read more »

FREE GUIDE: [step by step] on how to create your very own website [for free] in less than 2 minutes

Start Your Website

  A pdf copy of this guide is included as one of the two free downloads you get when you sign up to the Epic 14 Days Newsletter. The content here is the same that is in that guide, so if you’ve already followed it from the newsletter, you don’t need to do it again, but thanks for being awesome!… Read more »

What 10 Awesome Bloggers Taught Me About Overcoming Self Doubt – Start a Website: Part 2

Start Your Website

There is no need to listen to your self-doubts… we all have them – it’s our minds way of maintaining the status quo and avoiding change (because change might be bad… doesn’t matter that it could also be good, awesome or EPIC). Change is important (despite our fears), so embrace it, seek it out. If you haven’t read part 1 of… Read more »

Simple Tips to Start Engaging With Your Audience – Start a Website Part 3

Start Your Website

There is nothing more important than engaging with your audience. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a blog, recording video, talking on a podcast – anything you do that relies on content is there for one reason only – to be of value to your audience. The only way you can consistently grow your audience is to give them awesome content… Read more »

Connecting with Others and Winning at Life – Start a Website Part 4

Start Your Website

You can’t be expected to do everything yourself… and you’re not going to come up with every awesome idea yourself. The best way to grow as a person, or as a business, is to connect with others, support each other, take on their ideas and act on the ones that matter. If you try to do everything by yourself, the only… Read more »

How I Launched My Website – Start a Website Part 5

Start Your Website

It’s great to just get out there and get started… but you don’t need to post to complete silence. Rather than starting a blog and posting content for months with only a handful of readers, consider building a little buzz, validate some of your ideas and get a little support from others before posting your content to the world. If you… Read more »

Ok, I Have a Website, What Next? – Start a Website Part 6

Start Your Website

This isn’t the end… we’re only just getting started. You’ve got your website up and running, but this is where the hard work starts. If you haven’t read the earlier posts in this series, part 1 of Start a Website, is the recommended place to start. This blog series is an introductory level look at what it takes to create a… Read more »