EPIC Resources: What I’ve been reading and listening to lately

I thought it might be useful to write something on the blog posts and podcasts that I’ve found useful lately… if it turns out ok, I might make this a regular thing – I’m always reading articles, books etc. and listening to podcasts, so there’s plenty of great stuff to pick and choose from.


I’ve gone through a few different podcasts lately as I furiously catch up on some of the awesome back catalogue of episodes that are out there. Here are the top three that I have been focusing on in the last 14 days (you can find all of these on iTunes or via your favourite Android podcast player… or listen to them on your PC via the links below).

…and yes, I listen to a lot of podcasts! Nearly an hour commute each way on the train to work each day. I listen to them at 1.4x speed and usually fit in another 1-2 episodes during the day – the little green check marks tally up quite quickly!

foundr podcastFoundr

The Foundr podcast, with Nathan Chan offers some really insightful interviews of some of the biggest names in online business.

I think I probably listened to at least six episodes of this podcast in the last two weeks…  the best was episode 46: Seth Godin on Why You Shouldn’t do What You’re Told – if you’re new to the Foundr podcast, I recommend you start with that one – great stuff!

Set Godin StartupSchoolSeth Godin – Startup School

Speaking of Seth Godin… I also listened to all 15 of his Startup School podcast. These files are a couple of years old now, but contain a massive amount of amazing information.

They are all quite short (under 30 mins per episode), but will give you some of the best online business advice you can get… this is the type of stuff people pay thousands of dollars for – all here for you free, go and listen to them now.

Amy PorterfieldAmy Porterfield – Online Marketing Made Easy

I love Amy’s podcasts, she always delivers a fantastic amount of actionable information jam packed into every episode.

I think I’ve caught up and listened to nearly all her episodes now, just going back and catching the last few that I had missed – I always have a couple of episodes downloaded and ready to go.

If you’re new to Amy’s podcasts, start pretty much anywhere, find a topic that interests you and go for it – they are all great.

Blog Articles

I still manage to find a bit of time to read a few articles on line each week… here’s some of the ones that made an impact on me during the last 14 days:

ScottScanlonThe Ultimate List of Trending, Real Time Search and Social Search Websites – youbrandinc.com

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately looking into ways to search through and make sense of social network trends and I found this article had a nice little summary of some really good resources… SocialMention.com is one that I hadn’t heard about before that returns some really detailed and helpful info – I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to make use of it yet, but it’s one that I’m adding to my list of research tools for sure.

Pat Flynn5 SPI Readers Who Recently “Made The Leap” And How They Did It – SmartPassiveIncome.com

I like to keep an eye out for plenty of inspirational posts, and hearing how other people with similar hope and dreams got out there and make it work is something I always love to read.

There are some really diverse stories and businesses included here, it’s nice to be reminded about how unique and niche-driven successful business usually are.

Sarah PetersonWhy Some People Seem to Have it All – Unsettle.org

Sometimes we all just need to take a step or two back and put everything in perspective. Be very careful if you run full-steam into one area of your life and start to neglect others… how do you manage to maintain balance and keep all the balls in the air when you’re chasing after something you really want?

What about you?

So, what have you been reading or listening to this week? Post the best thing you’ve seen or heard in the last 14 days in the comments below.

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    How had I not seen this before? What a fantastic list thanks so much for the resource, Jon. Do you have any plans to keep this evergreen and update once every long while?


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