Holidays, New Projects and Forward Momentum

Ok… things have definitely slowed down from the initial burst of activity that we put into Epic14Days, but it hasn’t stopped and it’s still great to chunk stuff up into 14 day blocks.

We’ve had some pretty epic adventures lately… two weeks travelling around some amazing parts of the country (we covered nearly half of Tasmania) and are slowly starting to get back into work/school mode.

…this is part of the reason why we went a bit quiet lately:

Coles Bay - Tasmania

Part of the coastline near Coles Bay in Tasmania… awesome part of the country (that pic is from a little section called Honeymoon Bay). We spent a couple of days there, doing a bit of hiking and relaxing… it was pretty taxing actually… we’re only just starting to recover enough to get back into work/school mode đŸ˜‰

…but we are getting back into it. Izak and I both have a couple of new projects in the pipeline to keep an eye out for soon…

Izak has been focusing a lot of effort on continuing to learn video production lately and has been cranking out a few short story-based videos staring him and his brother Luke. He is REALLY getting into it, we’ve subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs (awesome deal for students, makes it so affordable) and he’s having a great time learning Premier Pro, After Effects etc.

I’ve been testing a few ideas and doing plenty of research… so expect a new website from both of us in the near future.

If you’ve only recently found your way to Epic14Days, I recommend you take a little time to read our free guide on starting your own website and have a little read about about what we’re doing here at Epic14Days.

…and just for the heck of it, here’s a couple of more pic’s from our holiday to Tasmania – would love to do this more often!

Cradle Mt - Tasmania

This one is at Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain – Tasmania.

Playing around in Devonport

Playing around at Devonport – Tasmania.

Tasmania - East Coast

…and one more with some of the cool coastline features of Tasmania’s east coast.

Hope you are all doing well and that you’re on your way to do something Epic… would love to hear your progress in the comments below.


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