These are the tools and resources I use and and am happy to stand behind and say they will make awesome additions to any new online business.

Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links – meaning if you click through and sign up to that product or service, I might get paid a commission for your referral. It won’t cost you anything (in some cases you may even get additional bonuses) and is a great way for you to support the Epic 14 Days project should you choose to do so.

I do use every single one of these products and would not be recommending them if I did not believe they offer value. Feel free to ask me about any of them if you are unsure.

A Small OrangeWeb Hosting: I use A Small Orange for all my web hosting. Not only are they a fast and reliable host, but they have one of the best customer support reputations for any web host. They are based in the USA (with a local USA based support crew) and offer excellent service and value for money. I highly recommend A Small Orange for your web hosting needs.

WPWordPress: All my websites are based on the WordPress platform. There are a few other good options for easily creating websites, but WordPress has in my opinion the best mix of ease of use, functionality, freedom and flexibility. You can create your own website completely free in less than 2 minutes to see what the WordPress platform is like, or install it on your own server with a simple one-click install process.

powered-by-aweberEmail List and Autoresponder: Aweber is the best Autoresponder option for anyone getting started with an online business. An Autoresponder allows you to setup an automated sequence of emails to go out to anyone who signs up to your email list. Aweber handles it all, from simple email collection forms, to scheduling emails, segmenting your lists and first class support, I’ve tried a couple of different options and definitely recommend using Aweber to handle your email list needs.

LeadPagesFastest125x125Landing Pages: Landing pages are an integral part of helping to grow your email list. While there are some free options available, I’ve found Lead Pages to be the easiest way to get an ultra-professional look that really helps to maximise your conversion rates – and they are so simple to setup. I spent a bit of time persevering with some free WordPress plugins to create some landing pages, but finally made the decision to give Lead Pages a go and have never looked back… I think Lead Pages are awesome, check out an example I have used for them here.

FizzleFizzle: I think they currently have over 400 videos of actionable lessons you can take to help build and improve your online business. They are a membership site (monthly fee), but your first month is free (some months it’s $1, either way, awesome!). You’ve got nothing to lose by checking them out… study up on some courses, listen to a few of the ‘Founders Stories’ (awesome). Fizzle are definitely on my highly recommended list.