Status Report #001 – Launch

Hey, look – we have  a shiny new website 🙂

Yep, that’s the big achievement from the last 14 days obviously. Izak and I now have our website up and running and people (like you) are actually starting to come in, read our posts… and then leave. Fortunately, many are also coming back and reading some more, which is great to see!

…and now here we are, the first Monday after our site launch and we’re notching up another big milestone – our first E14D Status Report!

Why do a Status Report?

One of the important elements of is to break everything out into 14 day cycles. 14 days is a  great time-frame to plan around, it’s long enough to actually achieve something, yet short enough to maintain focus and keep things fresh.

We are making a long term commitment to creating a successful online business, and part of that commitment is recognising that little things compound into big things over time. Completing a status report every 14 days helps us to maintain accountability (both to ourselves and to you) and forces us to analyse what is happening in our business and trigger decision points and action so that we can continue moving forward.

…and I’m hoping that posting these status reports will provide a nice little reminder of just how far we’ve come. When we look back here at Status Report #1 in 12 months time, it should be obvious that we are making progress, and that’s going to be a great confidence boost when we start to feel like it’s a little overwhelming (which is bound to come at some point).

Reviewing what happened in the last 14 days

We’ve recorded a short video to go along with our status report – we’ll try to do one of these for every report – improving our video skills is one of our long term goals and it’ll be good to look back at these in a year or so and see just how far those skills have developed.

Izak has done all the video editing (as always) and is pretty proud of the intro slides he’s done for this one (they look great!) – let us know what you think in the comments below (hint: we know we need to improve with our videos!).

Did we achieve our goal for the last 14 Days? Yes. We successfully launched the website and a good number of people actually dropped by the site and read our posts… in fact, if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them! thanks!

Here’s a quick look at some of the stats for the first few days (we had a landing page up for 2 weeks prior to launch, you can see a few sessions showing up from that… but it should be pretty easy to spot the launch day!)

E14D Week1

What feedback did we receive? All the feedback we got was very positive. Everyone seems to love the concept of Epic 14 Days and are very supportive of Izak and I taking on a project like this together. Some people mentioned that our newsletter signup was very hard to find, we’ve started making changes to remedy that.

Thanks soooooo much to everyone who provided feedback and support, we really appreciate it a lot.

What worked? What didn’t? I think it’s a little too early to tell yet… the lead up to the launch went well, we managed to create a little bit of buzz and in the first 24-hours got about 70 visitors to the site – which we’re really happy with. What we haven’t got much of yet is engagement… very few comments, very few newsletter signups – it’s probably too early to expect much of that, but it’s something we need to keep an eye on, for sure.

Does something need to change? Not looking to change anything drastic, but we will be looking at better ways to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter, other than that we’re really happy with the launch.

What’s happening in the next 14 days?

Our goal for this next cycle is to set some of the foundations by doing an overview of different business models people are currently using to make money online. It’s a bit of a high level view of everything, but it’s important to understand the concepts behind each business model before racing off and attempting something ourselves.

It’s a bit of a flimsy goal for these next 14 days, but I’m keen to provide a bit of context before we rush off into all the cool stuff 🙂

Izak is also away for the next week! He’s off on school camp – roughing it out in the bush, camping on the side of a mountain, freezing in a tent… I’m sure he’s going to have a great time – he’s been looking forward to this all year. I think they spend a lot of their first day hiking (wearing out all the kids), so I’m expecting him to be completely exhausted by the time he gets home on Friday.

Thank you

Finally, we just want to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by the website over the last week and extra special thanks to everyone who has given us feedback and encouragement about getting this up and running.

Special mention to Sarah Peterson, Kevin Duncan and Nick Loper – you guys (and gals) are awesome 🙂


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