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Jumping on the Amazon FBA Train

Amazon FBA

It’s been about six-weeks since I first got interested in Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) as a possible way to make some money online… and it’s been both interesting and at times a little frustrating! The first thing to understand about dealing with suppliers in China is that everything takes longer than you think it will! I guess it’s to be expected,… Read more »

Holidays, New Projects and Forward Momentum

Playing around in Devonport

Ok… things have definitely slowed down from the initial burst of activity that we put into Epic14Days, but it hasn’t stopped and it’s still great to chunk stuff up into 14 day blocks. We’ve had some pretty epic adventures lately… two weeks travelling around some amazing parts of the country (we covered nearly half of Tasmania) and are slowly starting… Read more »

Status Report #002 – First Dollar

E14D Status Report

A couple of really exciting things happened in the last 14 days! Epic14Days made its first dollar online ($66 actually) Izak was on a major national TV show (just for a few seconds, and nothing to do with our website, but way cool!) Making our First Dollar It’s a pretty exciting time when you make your first bit of money… Read more »

Status Report #001 – Launch

E14D Status Report

Hey, look – we have  a shiny new website 🙂 Yep, that’s the big achievement from the last 14 days obviously. Izak and I now have our website up and running and people (like you) are actually starting to come in, read our posts… and then leave. Fortunately, many are also coming back and reading some more, which is great… Read more »